“Tanny taught me how valuable creating a few peaceful minutes for yourself can really be. I had never meditated before and was a little hesitant but I decided to join them one day. In that 15 minutes a day I was able to clear my mind and alleviate so much stress. I felt much more comfortable in my work environment and confidant in my daily decisions. Tanny truly has a soothing way about her. She understands that people need an outlet from their day to day, busy lives and she wants to help where she can.”          ~Angelina Barragan

“I’ve always felt very intimidated by the idea of meditating and honestly did not know how or where to really start. When I met Tanny, I was at a place in my life when I knew I needed to clear out all of the noise in my head in order to move forward in a lot of ways. She made the process simple and powerful, without all of the external products often associated with meditation. Over time, I grew stronger and my goals became more clear. The skills she has taught me will remain with me throughout my life.”          ~Stacy Plance Wallace