Me Time Meditation. 60 mins/ 45 mins/ 30 mins

You deserve the personal touch. Receive a guided meditation that was created just for you. We all have different ways of understanding mindful meditation, and by having a One-on-One session your questions, and challenges can be directly addressed. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to experience personal growth by going deep into their practice.

Meditate with Friends, up to 5 people. 90 mins/60 mins

Friends who meditate together can grow together. Receive a guided meditation for you and your friends, and personal attention to your challenges and questions. Meditating in a group offers an ease that comes from the benefit of collective energy – when we breathe together we can achieve together.

Corporate/Office-Space Meditation

Every organization has different needs for their team. Sometimes it’s a matter of creating an inviting and grounded space for employees to be able to de-stress by a quiet meditation. Other organizations may need a mindful mediation training. Depending on your need, we can create the perfect program for your team.